About Us

LimoTrust.org, founded in 2022, is a nonprofit organization with the goal of improving business trust between consumers and suppliers of premium ground transportation services like Limos, Party Buses, Luxury Car services, Premium car rental, etc.

The organization provides verification, rating, and business development services to its members. In the process, it also helps members resolve customer complaints amicably.

LimoTrust is gradually becoming the symbol of trust in the ground transportation market in the USA, UK, Canada, India, and Australia. LimoTrust is based in India and works with its supporting agencies in USA, and UK. We are actively looking for partner agencies in other countries as well.

We do not have an advertisement or promotion policy yet. But we will soon lunch some supporting online ventures that will drive business for members. We will market those ventures along with LimoTrust.org using various digital marketing methods to reach a more qualified audience and convert them into leads for our customers. We do not plan to generate direct sales for our customers now.

Our Upcoming Projects

1. Stock Photo Basket for our Members and Public
We plan to launch a Photo and Video collection for our Members and also the general public. This will help them in building better websites and show more informative details using relevant pictures and videos. While we plan to make these media items free for our users, they will be sold to the public at a small fee. The member who submitted the media file will get a lion's share of the fee.

2. Suppliers Database
We plan to build a suppliers database similar to our Transportation providers database. The prime motive behind this would be to help each other find trusted service and materials providers for Limo & Luxury Transportation companies. Based on our member's ratings it will be easy to do business with these suppliers. We intend to add Car Service and Repair businesses, Car & Limo Accessories Sellers, Interior and Lighting service providers, Public Vehicle Insurance Companies, Photographers, Website Developers, Digital Marketing Companies, Social Media Managers, etc to this list.