Why LimoTrust? '

LimoTrust is a professional business network for premium ground transportation providers. We bring Limo Companies, Party Bus Rental Companies, Luxury Car Rental companies and similar service providers under one roof. Being in this business network brings you the following benefits.

Build a bigger brand name and build a strong business trust.

LimoTrust is the largest organisation of its kind today. Being a verified business on our network ensures high brand value and better customer trust. We actively promote and connect business leaders in the premium ground transportation industry for business development, co-working, marketing and much more.

Get more Orders - Domestic & International

With LimoTrust you reach a huge targeted global customer base. Our organic and paid promotions on social media and search engines are specifically tuned to promote our members regionally and on a global scale. We feature our members in our business directory, Press Releases, content marketing efforts. This ultimately translates to better sales for your business.

Resolve customer complaints with LimoTrust assistance

We take customer satisfaction very seriously and our ratings for our members are honored by LimoTrust users when choosing the right transportation provider for their needs. So we allow users and members to challenge fake reviews and ratings. We also resolve customer complaints and bad reviews by enabling a mediated resolution between our members and their customers.

Improve your business development skills with leadership and marketing knowledge from LimoTrust members.

Members, Users and Service providers share their expertise on our portal which helps us all learn. LimoTrust has a special section dedicated to Digital Marketing Tutorial for Limo Companies and other premium transportation service providers. We also have a QA Forum where we discuss operations, marketing, collaboration, customer enquiries, taxation, legal issues etc.